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360 Project.
Raised Paver Patio, Retaining wall, Seating Wall, Fireplace, Pergola, Waterfall, Paver Pathway, Flagstone, Bullnose Round Steps, Bubbling Boulder, Natural Stone Edging, Landscape Flower Beds & Landscaping Lighting.

Welcome to this project which was build around the whole house that is why we call it a "360" 

Starting with an entrance paved pathway that connects driveway to backyard to main entrance, this pathway is made of antique look pavers with a different color and texture paver to accentuate a warm welcoming pathway, which finishes with a Bubbling Boulder that is surrounded by polished pebbles, the boulder picked up for it has pink crystals that shimmers once sunlight hits, this was made to decorate the are for a beautiful statue that gets illuminated once sun sets.

The pathway on the east side takes you to a concrete landing that Limitless also built to have access for trash cans and gardening tools, the area takes us back on a beautiful path of Natural Flagstone that provides a natural look, this takes us to the our backyard hardscape project that consist of a raised paver patio, with retaining wall, seating wall and pillars that match all in with a beautiful block and natural stone pillar caps, this seating wall makes space for our main Hardscape piece which is our Fireplace (chimney) that is meant for natural wood burning to set the atmosphere for those winter days. 

This patio has 3 entertainment areas, that our client uses for grilling, dining and a seating are in front of the fire place.

To make use of this beautiful outdoor space Limitless installed a Pergola that comes with sun protection panels, these filter light without having the direct contact with the sun, panels are adjustable and can be retractable if not needed. 

The patio door leads to our customized round steps that are accentuated with bullnose to soften the edge.

On the north side 2 beautiful landing steps takes you to a breathtaking waterfall that works as a bird bath, and it is surrounded with beautiful all season perennials, the crashing sound of the waterfall can be heard from all areas of the raised patio, making this outdoor space a full relaxing atmosphere. 

South West of the property there is a retaining wall that surrounds the beautiful front porch with perennials  on a raised garden bed, 

North West of the property which is the front view, Limitless designed a mulch bed that has background lilac bushes, with layered perennials designed for the area, accent boulders also are used around the softscape.

All the hardscape has landscaping lighting


Project date: SUMMER-FALL 2023, Waterfall Spring 2024

Designed by: Liz Diaz

Forman: Matt Goodwin

Supervisor: Alan Diaz

Find this Property under all our categories, "GALLERY".

The Throne!
Customized Natural Stone  seating area, fire pit, seating wall, pillars, tall protective wall, Hot tub patio, flagstone, landscaping beds with natural stone edging. 
Natural Private Fence, tree installation, & Lighting 

"The Throne" was designed to customized a seating area made out of natural stone worthy of our client, not only this accentuates this beautiful project but it breaks the pattern of our wall block.

All block matches this seating wall, fire pit, pillars and grilling area protective wall. Pavers have our crafty pattern, color is inviting and texture is perfect to step out of the hot tub without worrying about slippery surfaces.

Hot tub paver area was build with a different depth to secure the weight of tub and guests.

All the patio is surrounded with a different texture, color and finish paver to create the perfect framing.

Natural stone edging wraps the landscaping bed that dresses this beautiful patio, filled with perennials, trees, and accent boulders.

North side of the property has a natura private fence, that works as a distraction with beautiful trees that are lighted at night on a mulch bed with a few accent plants.

Landscaping lighting sets the mood on all hardscape and softscape areas.

Project date: SUMMER 2023

Designed by: Liz Diaz

Forman: Mauro Gallardo

Supervisor: Alan Diaz

Pool deck Landscape, Softscape and Lighting Installation.

Beautifying this property was a great opportunity to show how landscaping and lighting can bring the right atmosphere to a beautiful project like this.

All trees that were installed were lighted, same as pathways, hardscape areas, pool areas, house structure, different entertainment areas, and background trees.

Using different lights and effects this professional installation delivered a flowless design with a great flow. 

Project date: SUMMER 2022

Designed by: Liz Diaz

Forman: Alan Diaz