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Ever wonder, why artificial turf?

After spending an era of wonderful natural grass, a few things comes to our customers minds, and for a few the question is often, how can it be more affordable and comfortable in the long run for our backyard to remain maintenance free? or how can someone practice golf in their own backyard? Well, for every yard problem Limitless Landscape has a solution.
We are partner with one of the best suppliers nationwide that offers quality artificial turf, we introduce samples of colors and textures and is up to us to make a 3d design to bring your project to life, with professional installation and details to make it natural and smooth, you will get a craftsmanship that will last for years to come.

Some benefits:

  • No more water spills.

  • Bye Bye weeds and pests! 

  • Attractive all year long (instead of brown grass in summer and muddy soil in winter).

  • No watering need.

  • No pesticides or fertilizers needed to keep synthetic turf looking good. (allergies free)

  • No cutting, mowing, or trimming the grass.

  • Better life expectancy

  • Eliminate Air Pollution from gas- powered lawn mowers.

  • Does not attracts critters

  • Can be used in areas where nothing else grows

  • Terrific for under trampolines and above-ground pools.

  • Avoid Water Restriction Fines.

  • Any size, from residential to commercial.

Limitless Landscape Fake turf.jpg
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